Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shoe Love: JCrew Capri Sandal

When I was living in NYC my aunts and mom came to visit me. While on the phone discussing our itinerary, I mentioned that we would probably go to one fancy dinner and maybe drinks afterwards. My aunt asked, "Should I bring my dressy flip-flops?" I couldn't stop laughing because at a nice restaurant in NYC you would never consider wearing sandals, let alone flip-flops! I told her she could borrow a pair of my heels. She couldn't see what was so funny, because down in South Florida not only is it perfectly acceptable to wear sandals almost anywhere (as a woman) but in fact most ladies have a pair of nicer flip-flops or sandals that they wear to dinner, parties, and even church. 

As I packed for multiple week vacation in Florida, I thought about this story. Each thing in my suitcase will have to perform double duty for trips to the beach, dinner, shopping, walks in the park, playing tourist, and relaxing around the house. I used to work at JCrew (in Columbus Circle in NYC) and the leather Capri sandal used to fly out the door this time of year. I think its because this sandal is the perfect marriage of something you can throw on with a sundress or shorts for non beach related summer activities but they aren't so precious that you would be afraid to get them wet and sandy at the beach. They also lay completely flat in my suitcase, freeing up space for more heels, I mean running shoes... 

Do you have a favorite sandal that performs double duty when you travel?

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  1. I love this sandal! It is works for so many occasions.


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