High Heeled Traveler: The Magazine

In the fall of 2012, I wanted to expand the conversation of culture, lifestyle, and gastronomy into a deeper dialogue with readers. I wanted to answer questions like, what makes us tick? How are people the same or different? How many ways do people prepare their coffee? It was going to take more than a blog post to really dig in.

High Heeled Traveler, The Magazine was born in January 2013. The magazine is a collection of short stories, poems, recipes, original art, music, and photography that explores one concept in depth with each issue.

The inaugural issue of the magazine explored the concept of “home”. What does “home” mean? How do we carry this concept with us throughout our lives? We took a look at the topic from childhood to adulthood from physical homes to memories of the good times though original stories, poetry, photography, artwork, and music compilations of nine contributing writers and artists.

Issue One: Exploring Home was published in printed and sold out (many thank yous!). In case you missed the print version, check out the online version here.


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