Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kuwait Resource Links

Whenever we move to a new place I'm always excited about all the newness. I can't wait to try new restaurants, find cute little shops to frequent, and I can't wait to see who it is that I don't know now, but will become my best friend.

But sometimes all that newness is hard to navigate, especially when - like here in Kuwait - many of the streets don't have names, and those delicious restaurants are hard to find. What if there is a language barrier? How am I going to find a stylist who speaks English well enough to understand how I want my haircut? It can be daunting. 

I've decided to keep a live running list with links and tips for each place I've lived so that if you happen to visit or move there, you might find the resources useful. A link to the list for Kuwait City (this blog post) will be on the right hand side of the blog for easy navigating.

Kuwait City, Kuwait

English is widely spoken here as it is the common language between the expats, immigrants, and locals. Most of the people you encounter working at restaurants, coffee shops, and stores will speak English and Arabic so as to service a wide range of customers. There are about 2 million Kuwaitis and just about the same number of Indian, Egyptian, Pakistani, and Sri Lankan immigrants working here. Plus the Western expats from the diplomatic and oil communities. 

The city is separated loosely by neighborhood, then by block, street, and house number. After a few months you remember the neighborhood names, but for general navigation I recommend getting a GPS and plugging in the coordinates to your favorite spots (once you find them). 

The best way to get around is by your own personal car. There is public transportation but it is not the safest or the most reliable. If you need the name of a reputable taxi while in town, email me, don't hail one on the side of the road.

Now on to the fun stuff!

From High Heeled Traveler:

Kuwait City (related posts)
Grand Mosque of Kuwait
Qout (farmer's) Market

Here are blogs, websites, and other fun places I find the best information on living in Kuwait. If you aren't already, I recommend getting on Instagram as it is widely used here for business and pleasure.

Foodie links:

Eating All the Day. An American expat writes about her local food adventures. I use this whenever I need inspiration for a new place to go (if I'm not already in the car with her ;)

Events/local news:

248am. and 248pm for local happenings, thoughts from a long time resident, and upcoming events for day and night.

Grapevine Kuwait. Best general resource for events and things to do. Follow their Instagram to get the latest.

AWARE Center. Great place for Westerns in Kuwait to become more familiar with the culture. Group tours to Liberation Tower, House of Mirrors, the Grand Mosque, and camel races are scheduled regularly. They also offer Arabic classes and Indi-film screenings.

Lifestyle blogs:

Expat and the City. Written by an Alabama girl living and working in Kuwait. Not only are her stories amusing but she frequently links to interesting local news and posts upcoming events. Follow her on Instagram for daily insights into her Kuwaiti life.

Desert Girl on Kuwait. Hilarious, frank, and sassy rantings of an American girl living in Kuwait. She does not filter anything, and that's why I love her. She also has great resource links on the side bar of her blog. Check it out.

Expat Women. Articles, links, resources for women living abroad. Good general information, not just for Kuwait.


Confashions from Kuwait. Follow her on Instagram for some serious Middle Eastern style. She was my gateway drug to how fashionable women dress in these parts.


Art Kuwait. Gallery and museum lists, opening details, and featured regional artists. 


  1. Thank you for the sweet mention on your blog post. :) I've been a fan of your blog for a while.

  2. Of course ladies! I couldn't have found my way around with out you :)

  3. This is great information, will defo head back to check all these links out if I end up in Kuwait this summer. The pictures are fab! :-)


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