Monday, October 21, 2013

Good News Everyone!

Well, its time to spill the beans. Gman and I are extending our little family to include a miniature Gman, due March 2014! When we found out "it" was a "him" I have to admit I was excited but a little nervous. It was just me and my sister growing up in a house full of Barbie dolls! I was worried that I wouldn't get to bond with a little boy like I would a little girl. Over the last month Gman has been sharing with me all the awesome games boys play. Not only that but he said that a man's mother is very important to him and men love their mothers in a special way. He pointed out, when have you ever heard a man accept an award and not thank his mom? I felt reassured. Lady friends with little boys, your wise words are welcome!

On a side note, when I thought about how I wanted to share the good news with everyone in my head Professor Farnsworth in Futurama would say, "Good News Everyone!" and I would just start laughing to myself (any fellow Futurama junkies out there?). 
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