Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Exploring Boxed Wine

Ahh, the American Suburbs.

Last week we went to TARGET. It has been so long since we have been to Target that we did not know they have now expanded their expertise to include food and wine. They have their own brand of boxed wine, aptly named Wine Cube. We sampled a 2009 California Merlot. According to the description on the box it goes well with pizza and has a velvety texture with notes of plum and scents of sweet tea.

First of all, scents of sweet tea? What does that mean? Quick lesson in wine tasting, deep red wines generally taste the way they smell. So you can imagine what I was expecting from a 2009 vintage with a sweet tea nose - candy poured from the spickett of the fountain of youth. It did not disappoint. It tasted sweet and flat. "Drinkable" as they say. Nothing complicated about this little baby. If you are tempted to purchase, I recommend serving it at a big party, at the end of the night, once your guests are having a great time... you will only remember it's sweet goodness (and not that it is supposed to be a Merlot).

look at those legs water marks (?)
In drafting this I was reminded that I have also had the Pino Grigio Wine Cube. It must have been served at the end of a party... ;)

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