Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tips to Travel By: My favorite travel blow dryer

When I'm traveling I like to bring my stand-by beauty products but experiment with local stuff. I like to see what beauty is like in that new place and try out a few things for myself. I'm a light packer, too, and until recently did not pack any hair products, flat irons, blow dryers or more than one brush. I would just use the blow dryer and products in the hotel room or at my friend's house. Then I saw this blow dryer, the BaByliss travel dryer, and I had to have it. It is freakin' adorable and basically fits in the palm of your hand. I couldn't resist as I love little things (like baby animals and miniature objects that Barbie might put in her house). Despite its small size, it has the power of a normal sized dryer and dries my hair in the same amount of time. I easily stow it in my make up bag. Seriously. 


  1. I might have to consider something like this because when I travel (which is not often though), I take my whole arsenal of hair tools and product so I can tame my crazy hair. It gets a little too much carrying all those things around.

    1. Yes! I just let my hair be crazy while on vacation, which is the worst because that's when I take pictures! But this little guy changed my life. :)

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