Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Art to Inspiration: Out of the Woods

Out of the Woods by Laura E. Pritchett

For some reason as soon as I saw Laura E. Pritchett's painting Out of the Woods I thought about all those times Gman has dragged me out of the city and into rural America; like when we went camping. Whenever I think about going into the Great Outdoors I think about tick checks, having to pee really bad in a remote place, sweaty clothes, and missing happy hour. I don't see the peacefulness Gman imagines until we are in the midst of it. I remember seeing the light the way Pritchett depicts it here, brightly shining through the leaves and warming my face through the shade. There is something mystical about it, something soothing. A feeling totally worth leaving the city for.

Check out the rest of Laura E. Pritchett's work here.

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