Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Art to Inspiration: Time Out

Painting 192 by Lauren Adams

Sometimes you just need to get away. The stress gets to you. Anything can set you off; that co-worker’s last minute request, your holiday packages getting swiped from your stoop (this happens all too often in DC), a traffic jam when you have a very important happy hour waiting. Or maybe you drop a wine glass, and as it shatters into a million pieces, you feel yourself coming undone.

But it’s the home stretch before Christmas break and there is no time for a vacation. In fact the reason you are so overwhelmed is that you are taking your vacation days (for a change) and everything needs to be taken care of before you step away. So how do you get away for a deep breath and a recharge while stuck in your cubicle?

This is one of the reasons I love art so much – it’s a distraction - and where Lauren Adam’s tiny paintings come in. Her small acrylic paintings on paper (many only 6 x 4 inches, small enough to keep on your desk, no?) explore the scenic landscapes of West Virginia. She boils down the sky, trees, rolling mountains, to fresh blocks of color and shape. The paintings take you anywhere, to a new place, to somewhere far away and stress-free.

Started by the lovely Supal of Chevrons and Eclairs, Art to Inspiration is a once a month blog post inspired by a work of art.If you would like to participate in Art to Inspiration, click here to read more and sign up.  

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