Saturday, December 15, 2012

Shoe Love: Glitter and Bold

A few weeks ago I went to a Sequin Happy Hour which consisted of a bunch of friends meeting at a bar and all wearing some sort of sequin, glitter, or sparkle. Even men were forced to participate. It was such a fun idea and I jumped on board immediately, before realizing that I have no sequins in my wardrobe. None. Not even a sparkly rhinestone necklace. I felt like this was some sort of huge womanhood fail. I don't think of myself as a tomboy, but maybe? I re-thought my whole identity.

Then remembered I did had some Miu Miu pumps with glitter on them (phew) but they are a sandal and freezing even if worn with tights.  I ended up wearing holiday colored flannel, denim, and leopard loafers. With red lipstick. And diamond earrings. Those count, right?

I love these Miu Miu glitter pumps! They would make the perfect holiday addition to any closet and they're on sale.

Do you have any sequins in your wardrobe?

Images via Net-a-Porter

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