Friday, March 27, 2015

Camels in Kuwait

I'm not going to lie and say I've never seen a camel. I went to the zoo as a child and rode a camel. Nor can I say that seeing a camel in the Middle East was initially one of my life's aspirations. But once we moved to Kuwait, it was on the bucket list. How could you not want to see camels in the desert in the Middle East? It's like going to Paris and having a croissant and espresso at a cafe facing the street. You just have to do it. It might be cliche but it feels authentic and cultural. It's like a moment where in real life you experienced history and the movies at the same time.

So now that the clock is ticking on our time here, it was time to start crossing stuff off our list. We drove out to the countryside (So lovely, the countryside in Kuwait, full of sand and accented with drifts of garbage and burned out cars on the side of the road) to go to a farm and on the way finally saw some camels. Check out my Instagram for a video of the camels if you haven't already.

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