Monday, March 30, 2015

Tea and Coffee

When we decided to move to a dry country, at first I was devastated (naturally) but then I got really excited about moving to a place where tea and coffee were the drink du jour. I couldn't wait to try all the exotic brews, buy antique turkish coffee pitchers, and go to all the local shops. Little did I know that Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, etc. have taken over. 

Much to my disappointment, if the locals weren't in line for their caramel macchiatos, they were pouring hot water over plain ol' Lipton tea or instant Nestle Cafe. Not really the highest brow flavors or the trendiest. But it did get me thinking that sometimes the simple classics are just what the doctor ordered. I keep some Nestle Cafe on hand at all times now, in case I need caffeine in a pinch. Do you drink instant coffee? What about plain black tea?


  1. Love this post. I'm always shocked when traveling to "coffee mecas" like Rome or even Madrid, how many locals swear by and serve their guests things like Lipton or Nescafe. I sometimes make Nescafe with whole milk as a standin for dessert!

    The instant classics that just need water I think are universal!

    1. Thank you! ha good point about being able to just add hot water. It makes life easy and is generally accepted as decent or good. Cheers!


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