Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy 100th Birthday

Today is my great-grandmother's 100th birthday! She is one of the women in my life whom I admire greatly. Her name is Florence Hinton, we call her Nannie. She is from Covington, Georgia which she loves as much as Scarlett loved Tara. This picture was taken of her in her late 20s. She is my Dad's maternal grandmother.

She is known as "Feisty Flo" in the nursing home she now resides in. The name suits her though. She worked very, very hard her entire life and grew a pretty thick skin to deal with the hardships (and sometimes she's a bitch, but hey, it happens).  

Things that I admire about her: 
- She spent her money wisely on objects that were of good quality, most of which I use now (including my furniture, china, and jewelry!). 
- She said she used to save up a portion of her wages (working in a cotton mill) to go to Atlanta every few months to buy the most beautiful fabrics to have her clothes made from. 
- Despite having modest means, it was important to her to look put together (never leave the house without your hair and makeup done, was one lesson amongst many). 
- She also used to have a magical green thumb and grew a garden so abundant that she fed her family from it - which is part of my suspicion for her living 100 years. 

One of my favorite quotes: 
Nannie to Grandma (her daughter): "Anne, looks like the bird done shit on the winda [window]."
Grandma: "Mama, we don't say that word around little ears."
Nannie: "What? Winda?"

When I was a little girl she would babysit my sister and I. She would give us chocolate milk and we would play on the floor while she watched Wonder Woman and Wheel of Fortune from her perch on her floral patterned couch. 

She also used to drink coffee with just about every meal. Including hamburgers at McDonald's.

I love you, Nannie! Happy 100th!


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