Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wardrobe: Buenos Aires, Argentina

sweater dresshandbagflatsscarfsunglassesperfumelipstick (in Bahama)

For a trip to Buenos Aires, I recommend keeping things simple and relaxed. It's a cosmopolitan city but its not fussy - more Paris than New York. You can get away with bright colors, too, though most people wear black. I love this sweater dress and scarf combo for shopping, going to an exhibition, or simply sipping wine. Add a slip to keep the sweater comfortable, warm, and modest. I like this one from Spanx.

Unfortunately, this city is known for some pretty crafty pick pockets so its important to wear a cross-body bag that zips closed. It would also not be wise to wear any jewelry, especially gold and diamonds, as you will be targeted for a (possibly armed) robbery. That sounds scary, but it is important to be aware of these things when traveling, no matter how unpleasant. It should not stop you from exploring! Being aware of potential threats can help you have a safer, more enjoyable adventure. So instead of jewelry, accessorize with a pretty fragrance, bright lip, and your favorite pair of sunglasses.

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