Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Always Bring Lipstick

my favorite lipsticks: YSL, MAC, Chanel, NARS

I am easily annoyed at the airport. Not only is there so much room for error and delay (thank you Delta for overbooking my flight, and thank you TSA for taking my lotion) but non-experienced travelers get in my way. However (in my romanticized brain) half the fun of traveling should be getting to your destination. Your vacation should start when you leave your house. As a frequent flyer I'll share with you some of my tips for reducing airport stress and making travel fun again.

1. Don't over pack: You don't need to bring your entire wardrobe with you. First consider what you will be doing on your trip. Are you going on a beach vacation? Are you going to Paris? Then coordinate your wardrobe accordingly. If you are going on a hiking trip, leave the LBD at home (and sadly your heels too). Under packing also leaves room to pick up a few local items, including local toiletries. I like to experiment with local toothpaste, shampoo or even makeup. I usually find a new brand I love, and whenever I see or use it, I am reminded of my time away.

2. Check your luggage: Most airlines are past charging $50 to check a bag. So check your bag. Unless you have a small weekender, there is no reason to lug all your crap around. Experience the lap of luxury by letting someone else (the plane) do it for you.

3. Show up early and have a drink: If there is one thing I do not want to do while on vacation it is be in a rush. This starts with the airport. If you want to reduce stress, show up the recommended 1.5 – 2 hours early. You never know what sort of mayhem will greet you and you don’t want to loose it when the yokel in the security line can’t untie his shoes fast enough. Once you get through security, immediately find the bar and order a drink. If you aren’t a big drinker, find the Starbucks. Giving yourself time to recoup and relax will invite your vacation to start immediately. And it’s also fun to make friends at the airport bar!

4. Bring lipstick: After a long flight I usually want to refresh myself. Putting on lipstick is a quick way to feel put together. Once you de-board the plane, stop in the rest room rinse your face, brush your teeth (try Crest Brush-ups to save room in your handbag) and apply your lipstick. It does wonders I’m telling you!

5. Wear a nice outfit: The airport is a public place. Have some self respect and don’t wear sweats. Leggings, button up shirts and scarves are chic and comfortable.

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