Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Southwest Florida

photo my own
Southwest Florida has earned a reputation as the place where North Easterners and Mid-Westerners go to get out of the snow and retire. While that is certainly true, it has a lot to offer for the young as well. The pace is slow and the locals are friendly. This is a place you can come to get away from it all. The beaches have the finest powdery white sand and many remain secluded. Much of the wildlife is preserved and easy to access, including the Everglades. There are also many festivals, cultural scenes, and lots of outlet shopping to keep you entertained.

You might even discover that you can get used to the idea of sitting on a porch watching an afternoon thunderstorm roll by while sipping sweet tea in an old rocking chair...

photo my own
Tourist season in Southwest Florida is during winter. This is when the weather is mildest. However, if you are interested in less traffic than I suggest going in late spring or early fall (August gets very hot!).

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