Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Travel Bags

I am on the constant hunt for the perfect luggage for my many travels. I consider luggage to not only be an extension of your total vacation look but as a companion that shares in your adventures. I recommend investing in suitcase staples, no matter how often you travel.

Even if you only travel once or twice a year, isn't it infuriating when you dust off that old bag and the zipper breaks before you leave the house? Or what about the handle of your wheely bag ripping off as you leave baggage claim? Imagine you're trecking through the Rocky Mountains, your bag rips open, and everything gets soiled (Horrible! Why are you in the mountains?)? Its little frustrations like this (luggage breaking, not nature) that keep people from experience the true joy of getting away from it all. It might seem expensive up front, however, having reliable bags will only enhance the enjoyment of the awe inspiring journey you are choosing to take.

This little baby goes everywhere with me

The two brands I highly suggest, based on their durability and fantastic warranties are Briggs & Rily and Tumi. They are both pretty darn stylish too.

Since we bought our Briggs & Riley luggage two years ago it has gone from NYC to: Canada, Boston, Nantucket, Bar Harbor, Vermont, Washington D.C., Chicago, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Pakistan, Paris, Bordeaux, Dublin, Florida (five or ten times at least, what can I say? It's home!)... and I'm sure one has escaped me. You get the idea. And the bags are still in great condition.

We did encounter one handle break (they are awesome but not magical). But because we registered the bag with the company, the bags are guarunteed for life worldwide and we reiceved a free same day repair at a shop near our apartment. The nightmare of having to find another bag (or duct tape the handle for really classy travel) was diverted and the whole experience - dealing with the company, finding a repair shop, and getting the bag - took less than a day and was relatively stress free. Worth every penny.


  1. wouldn't recommend my Jansport backpack from 1998?

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