Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Destination: Nantucket

First stop on our road trip: Nantucket.

We drove to Hyannis where we parked our car and took the Steamship Authority Ferry to Nantucket. After two hours we arrived in the late afternoon on our first day. The weather was absolutely beautiful, clear skies, breezy, and in the low 70’s. We were immediately charmed by the architecture and cobbled stoned streets and could see why so many of our fellow New Yorker’s came here to revive themselves.

One of those fellow New Yorkers is one of my dear friends. Her family has stayed at the Ship’s Inn Bed & Breakfast for generations, so we took their advice and stayed there as well. The restaurant was delicious and we ended up eating there for dinner some nights too! If you don't plan ahead of time, not to worry. The owners and staff of the Ship's Inn will kindly help you plan your day.

We spent much of our time walking around gawking at the architecture, riding bikes, laying at the beach, reading, eating, drinking, and napping. Many of our friends rent homes here for the summer and we imagined that it would be a fun place to spend time with a group of friends!

While in Nantucket, take a day trip out to S’conset by bike. The trail is about 17 miles long, which sounds like a lot but you get to see the much of the island and can stop along the way. Biking into S’conset was like entering Disney World. The houses so perfectly built and on a small scale (small for multi-million dollar homes on the water). The gardens was in full bloom and the salty sea air felt nurturing to my skin. It felt so quaint, safe, and free. Walking through the streets enabled us to finally unwind from our crazy work and life in Manhattan.

Recommended restaurants in Nantucket include: Brotherhood of Thieves for burgers, Black Eyed Susan’s for bakery goods and coffee, Fog Island for clam chowder lunch, and at The Pearl you must have lobster and the passion fruit margarita (reservations recommended).

It was July 3rd when we were visiting. Even the doggies were festive!

Our favorite memory from the trip was going to a Mexican restaurant (sorry I forgot to write down the name and can’t find it now!) for dinner. We couldn’t help but eavesdrop as a group of people came in to be seated. We quickly realized that the couple had just gotten engaged and were at dinner with their families to celebrate. As we were still recovering from that emotionally draining experience we could feel their anxiety, excitement, and anticipation. And judging from the stressed but smiling look in the bride-to-be’s face their wedding was going to be a shit show.

So in order to honor our own experience and get them started off on the right foot – we ordered a round of tequila shots for everyone. They appreciated and watching their family dynamic made us feel insanely nostalgic for our nuptuals. It was fun despite the stress of putting it all together. It also made us glad we don’t have to do it again. :)

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