Friday, June 3, 2011

Shoe Love

Miu Miu

I bet when you have these on you can't help but dance! How beautifully designed.

Happy Friday everyone! I've been busy this week job hunting and drafting stories for your reading pleasure. Over the next few weeks I'll be giving you some summer travel inspiration. In the meantime, any plans this weekend? I went to Phillips After 5 last night which featured jazz musicians jamming to impressionist and modern art. There was also [free] BBQ which by the way people hovered over the food, and pushed and cut in line, (I seriously thought someone was going to dive at the table. Is this what BBQ does to people?!) you would have thought it was feeding starving children in Africa and not well-to-do artsy people. Although I bet the children in Africa have better manners...

In order to socialize in my new city, I joined a co-ed softball team. I know, its funny because I don't play sports. My first game is tonight. Gman is coming just to watch the spectacle. If he brings a camera, I'll post a picture.


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