Monday, December 19, 2011

The High Heeled Traveler's Companion Gift Guide

shave cream, Birds of America, tie, collar stays, scarf, shoes, lather brush, Whiskey book, glasses, weekend bag

I wasn't sure how to start this post, so I'll start by saying - I love men. I've learned a lot from the men in my life which has made me a more well rounded person. My father was good about teaching my sister and I about sports as we grew up, my high school boyfriend taught me about cars, my college boyfriend taught me about music, cigars, whiskey, and men's fashion. Gman has taught me to live in the moment.

In addition to loving men, I love shopping for them. I love their clothes, shoes, accessories and lifestyle accoutrements. My dad is one of my favorite people to shop with. He carefully considers the quality of what he is looking at. He takes pride in his style while having fun with it too.

With Christmas only days away, here is a last minute gift guide for the High Heeled Traveler's companion inspired by the men in my life and Gman's closet {As he said when he reviewed this for me, "hey! that's all my stuff!"}.

A rugged weekend bag will be suitable for all your holiday travels as well as for those romantic weekend get-a-ways. He could use this year round too, which makes it a practical gift, and what man can say no to practicality?

A wool tie and scarf will spruce up his winter wardrobe.

Gman loves his leather converse. They remind him of his glory years without being childish. They are also uber versatile and he wears them almost everyday and on vacations.

Treat your companion to a touch of luxury with this shave brush and cream.

I had these Tiffany's collar stays engraved with Gman's initials one year and he wears them everyday. Women aren't the only ones who appreciate that little blue box, you know.

If the man in your life has always been curious about scotch or whiskey, give him this guide and glasses to get him started.

A classic coffee table book is also nice for the man who takes pride in his home. Audubon's Birds of America is a favorite of ours. One of the original elephant folio (huge size) copies sold at Sotheby's last year for $11.5 million(!).

If you are still at a loss, try a subscription to National Geographic to inspire you both to take your next trip. Tickets to a sports game or concert never go un-appreciated in our house either.

Now get shopping! I've got to go - there's a lounge chair by the pool calling my name...

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