Thursday, December 29, 2011

Destination: a year of travels

I'm still in shock that it will be 2012 in only a few short days. This year flew by! Not only was it full of exciting travel destinations - Paris, Florida, Seattle, to name a few - but also unforgettable memories, happy and heartbreaking, and a life changing move from New York City to Washington D.C.

I'm also still in shock that it has been a year since I started writing this blog. It is a project I have wanted to start for a few years now without knowing exactly how to begin or what creative direction to take. I've been saving up journals, scrap notes, and snapping pictures for a long time without a specific path in mind. It has been wonderfully challenging to develop stories from my trips and way to fun coming up with wardrobe inspirations. I have enjoyed exploring wine and food with you and I can't wait to dig deeper into art and art history.

Writing has been a journey too. Having an outlet for my passions has only deepened my drive to pursue them with wreakless abandon.

Thank you for your support and encouraging feedback throughout the year. Every time I hangout with friends and family and someone says, "I read your blog!" my heart feels simultaneously joyful and humbled. 

So for this week's destination, I want to take a trip down memory lane. Here's where we went in 2011:

Hudson River Valley, NY {and again here}
Montauk, NY
New York, NY {we explored NYC a lot...}
Gettysburg, PA
Key West, FL
Sanibel Island, FL
Sarasota, FL
Gainesville, FL
Seattle, WA and Mount Rainier
Paris, France
Dublin, Ireland and Glendalough
The Bahamas
Washington D.C. {and here too}

And my road trip honeymoon with Gman to Boston, Nantucket, Bar Harbor, Lake Willoughby, and of course the legendary camping trip.

I'm already planning more excursions this year and can not wait to share them with you. Gman and I are driving up to Savannah for New Year's so after a bit of Shoe Love tomorrow, I'll be taking a short break to check it out and catch up with friends.

Best New Year's wishes to your and yours!

xoxo Jamie

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