Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend Recap and Destination: New York City

This weekend I jumped on the DC to NY bus and for $60 was whisked away to my beloved New York City. Friday started off right with a nap on the bus ride up. As the bus approached the skyline, my heart leapt with excitement and anticipation. Once there I walked the streets to meet the lovely Katie for lunch at Wine on 30. Their menu is light and fresh, perfect for the summer heat. I enjoyed the butter lettuce salad with lemon-mint vinaigrette and Katie had the brie sandwich (noms!). We both paired our meal with the Terra Nova Reserva Sauvignon Blanc. The atmosphere is casual enough for lunch but elegant enough for a lunch with clients.

(A constant layer of sweat covered my skin all weekend. It wasn’t anything a few showers and cold beers couldn’t fix but not preferable. Generally speaking, I would not recommend visiting NYC in late July or August: it’s full of tourists and it’s hot as hell.)

Just like old times I met my buddies out for happy hour at Brother Jimmy’s. If you are from out of town and want to meet friends in a centrally located area, go to Union Square. I always find it to be accessible and tolerable despite some crowds in the square itself.

On Saturday morning before heading into the city (I stayed in Brooklyn) Katie and I stopped by the Smith Canteen and ate the most delicious blueberry muffin EVER. The iced coffee had a wonderful balance of bold flavor and creamy texture. We then jumped on the subway to take a stroll up and down the Highline which has just been extended. The Highline is like a contemporary enchanted garden perched above the busy streets and tucked between the new hotels and dilapidated factories. (I wrote more about it here.) Before our trek down the railroad, we spontaneously decided to stop at the Standard Biergarten for a pint and a pretzel. It was 12:05pm.

Later that day, after a long walk, shopping, tasty falafel and pineapple & coconut smoothies, we met the rest of the ladies out for dinner at La Palapa. Not only was the sangria refreshing but so was the company of my beautiful and clever companions. Sharing a meal and drinks with my girlfriends is definitely in my top five favorite things to do. We picked up where we left off, as if no time had passed since our last dinner out (love!). The night ended with a slice of Brooklyn pizza after hours of dancing around pubs in my leopard booties.

We slept in on Sunday and tried Van Horn Sandwich Shop for a late lunch. Although the menu was limited, there was only one thing we wanted: a fried chicken sandwich. It came with shredded cabbage and cucumbers on the bun and a small salad on the side. Sweet tea was a must to wash it down. It wasn’t exactly a southern style chicken sandwich and tea which is what we were expecting but satisfying none-the-less.

Van Horn Sandwich Shop

the ladies

On the bus ride home I racked my brain for a story to tell about the weekend. Should I talk about my love affair with New York? Was there a funny or awkward situation I could mention? Should I discuss the fashion in the streets? Did I do something stupid? I couldn’t even think of a specific conversation I had. The only thought that came to mind was a general feeling of a full heart and stomach. In the end that’s the reason I keep going back to that beloved city of mine.

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