Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap: Surprise bachelorette bash


This weekend I secretly flew down to Florida for a surprise luau themed bachelorette bash for my dear friend Natalie. It was the college roommate reunion complete with belly laughing reminiscing. I love being with my old roommates because even though we grow and change over the years, only our families know us better. Many a life lesson was sorted out with these ladies and I wouldn't trade those moments for even a stockpile of Louboutins. ;)

Our surprise bachelorette/bridal shower was a raving success. Thanks to all for working together to pull it off! It refueled my soul to spend time with you and can't wait to see you during the upcoming nuptials.

 *Warning: some of the following images are for mature audiences only... and these are the tame ones.

"Ah! Where is my umbrella?!" Brandy questioned in a total panic as she searched for the paper drink umbrella she was using as a hair accessory, "I don't want my hair to get wet..."

"Please can we buy this [huge inflatable penis]?!" Kate begged at the adult entertainment store, "I'll buy it with my own money!"


  1. hahaha of course Kate wanted the inflatable penis! Looks like fun!

  2. Seems to be quite an enjoyable bachelorette party. My cousin organized her anniversary at one of luxurious event space San Francisco couple of months ago. Party was fun with all best arrangements. Cake was delicious and catering services were awesome too. Couple looked pretty good.


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