Sunday, December 4, 2011

High Heeled Traveler's Holiday Gift Guide

Pendleton bag, ipad, leopard flats, globe, scarf, cutting board, bangle, The Art Book, blouse, cork screw

I spent the weekend shopping for Christmas presents - for myself and others. I have this horrible habit of buying one thing for a friend and one thing for myself. By actually taking the time to shop I discover so many little treasures - it's so hard to resist! Shopping for the holidays is one of my favorite traditions. I love picking out gifts for my loved ones and I love making a list of things I need, want, or dream about. And as much as I information gather throughout the year I don't compile a list of desirable goodies until Thanksgiving.

This year we are traveling for much of December (surprise!) so I've got my eye on a few items that would make my holiday voyage more pleasurable as well as gift ideas for the home and for all those holiday parties. So here are my top gift pics for the High Heeled Traveler (mom and dad I hope you're reading).

We'll start with my fantasy presents...

A frequent traveler is always in need of a weekend bag. I love the stolen-from-the-boys plaid on this Pendleton one.

If you are in a super generous mood this holiday season, an ipad is great for filling with magazines, books, and browsing blogs online, plus, you can download your favorite travel apps, games, manage your itinerary, and take pictures all with one lightweight tablet. Hooray for lighter luggage (or room for more shoes?)!

I've had my eye on these leopard ballet flats for a while now. As much as I like to wear heels for everything, flats are great for quickly navigating the airport, a new city, or driving an unfamiliar rental car (does anyone else I know like to drive barefoot?).

I know, I know. A globe seems like such a typical gift for a traveler. How passe. BUT I don't have one and I would love to decorate our apartment with antique maps and globes. I always thought it would be fun to have a map/globe with pins marking where you've been and where you want to go.

Gifts for the traveling hostess...

It sounds crazy but I carry a bottle opener when I travel (in my checked luggage) (... who am I kidding, I have one in my purse now too). You never know when you might partake in an impromptu picnic and I've been a helpful guest at many a party.

I found these fabulous state shaped cutting boards on Etsy by A.Heirloom. Most are priced under $45 and would be a more thoughtful gift than a bottle of wine.

A cozy scarf or brightly colored bangle will certainly keep you warm and stylish at any destination. And a silk blouse is a must. You can wear it in any city, countryside, in any temperature, day or night.

Last but not least, The Art Book. Gman bought this for me for our first Christmas and I have found it to be quite handy ever since. It lists artists and art movements alphabetically for quick and easy reference. I like to refresh my memory before heading out to an art museum or gallery. It also looks nice on the coffee table and guests often check it out at parties.

I hope this is helpful to you for your holiday shopping! I know my cart is already full...

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  1. I do the same thing! Don't feel bad! Those leopard print flats are too cute! Oh, and carrying around a bottle opener actually sounds like a great idea! When I went to Philly, I took a bottle of Chardonnay but didn't end up drinking it b/c I couldn't get it open!!! Oops!


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