Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day

Lotion, scarf, chocolate covered nuts, earrings, flats, perfume

So... Mother's Day is on Sunday. Did it sneak up on you like it did for me? I don't know about you, but my mom spends all her time and money taking care of everyone else but feels guilty buying decent hand lotion for herself. I always like to give my mom something indulgent, something she wouldn't buy herself (and usually I give it to her about two months late, just to keep her on her toes...).

Besides flowers, wine, and fancy coffee, here are my last minute gift ideas to help celebrate the one you brought you into this world. I'm sure she wouldn't mind a nice framed picture of you two either. My dad and sister are taking my mom for a beach picnic. I wish I could be there to join them!

Also, my all-time favorite Mother's Day video ever and some snarky cards.


  1. Hahaha my mother so isn't that person, she takes care of us but she also buys herself expensive hand cream, makeup, and once she bought herself a Chanel bag (but she usually sticks to more moderate priced brands, I promise, I just remember her talking about having her eye on that bag FOREVER), but she's a senior partner at a large law firm in Sarasota, so she can do WHATEVER she wants. It does make it EXTREMELY difficult to shop for her, however, as she has expensive taste and pretty much buys herself anything that strikes her fancy. I do get her hand me down bags (she recently gave me two awesome Michael Kors totes that she hasn't used in forever, yay!) but we do not wear the same shoe size (DISASTER) and so her unbelievable shoe collection is, alas, out of my reach. I'll be with her this Mother's Day, on a beach in the Caribbean, so I'm trying to think of what to do. At least I've gotten a few cards, so I won't show up totally empty handed! I'm hoping that "spending Mother's Day with my daughter" is enough for her, ha!

  2. What a shame you don't wear the same shoe size! My mom and I don't either. Maybe you can purchase a massage or facial for her at wherever you are staying in the Caribbean? Also - WTF I'm insanely jealous! ha.


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