Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Essentials for the long haul

necklace, dress, bag, sunglasses, popcorn, gummies, M&Ms, Garmin, sandals
Not only did I enjoy a country drive with Gman last weekend but a few of my girlfriends are taking a road trip from Florida up to see me in D.C. then head up to Boston for the Fourth of July festivities (remember when I went a few years ago?). So I got to thinking about car ride essentials, things for entertainment and nourishment. Here's a list of my long haul necessities:

A comfy dress for hours of sitting with accessories and sandals that are either easily removed or easily napped in (baggy pants would work too).

Candy and salty snacks for a special treat (am I the only one who gets the munchies in the car?) and lots of water to wash it down.

Sunglasses to combat the glare on the road.

Music! Gman and I love listening to satellite radio on long drives. We switch between music, listening to sports (I don't know why I like doing that, sounds boring right?), and the comedy stations.

A Garmin because you will get lost and your phone will die.

Are you taking a trip by car this summer? What are your essentials?

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  1. This is so cute, I have a white dress that's similar to the one above & it's so comfy!! Also, sour gummy worms are a MUST for road trips :)


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