Thursday, August 2, 2012

Exploring Wine: Something White in Bordeaux

Chateau Tour de Mirambeau, Bordeaux blanc, grand vin, 2007 (+ $30, purchased in France)
My rating for this bottle? I would drink the whole thing.

A few years ago Gman and I went to St. Emillion in the Bordeaux region of France. We were there to celebrate our then recent engagement and to learn about the wine and lifestyle of that region. After much wine tasting and taking classes, we settled on a case of various wines which we had shipped back to our apartment in New York City. We drink a bottle from that case on special occasions, like my birthday, Christmas, or our anniversary (OK, OK, on his birthday too).

So last Friday we decided to simply celebrate Friday night (our first Friday night alone at home in several weeks!) and popped open a bottle of Bordeaux white. The Bordeaux region of France isn't really known for it's whites. They do have some delish dessert type whites but nothing I would want to drink a bottle of. We completely forgot about this little gem stashed away in the shelves.

The dark yellow, honey color of this Bordeaux blanc looks viscous and heavy bodied. "Honey" was my first thought on the nose and the flavor. But it wasn't like I was drinking honey. Flavors of pineapple, cocoa, apricot, and vanilla rounded out the taste with a medium finish stretching out the velvety texture. It was so, so smooth and easy to drink. Not really the type of wine I would normally go for but the flavor was so full and yet somehow sophisticated and subtle. Gman said, "This is why wine is Frances' national treasure" and I would agree completely.

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