Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tips to Travel By: Flying with your wine

While in Napa Valley, it was difficult not to bring home some of the fabulous wine my girlfriend and I had the pleasure of sampling. We dreamed of a build your own six pack type of thing where we could bring home a bottle from each place we visited. However, it seemed like our options were to buy a case or half case from each winery or bring home a bottle or two in checked luggage. That is until we met our tour guide, Matt (if I recall correctly), at Cakebread Cellars who introduced us to this awesome wine shipper.

It costs about $7 for a six pack (many of the wineries offer them for sale) and you can choose whatever six bottles your heart desires. Then, when you get to the airport check the box as your checked baggage and tape the top flat. The wine will get to your destination safely with you so no need to wait for it to be shipped and the cost is slightly less (or a lot less depending on where you are going and if you have to pay a checked bag fee).

We were hesitant about checking the boxes. Matt reassured us that the owner of their winery does it all the time! Heck, he must know what he's doing, right? Neither of us had any issues checking the boxes and they arrived in tack. Hooray for a bit of travel that's hassle free!

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