Friday, November 9, 2012

Shoe Love: Corso Como Boots

Corso Como Doyle Boot via Nordstrom

I haven't purchased a new pair of winter boots in almost four years! It doesn’t seem like that much time has passed but when I realized I was down to two very worn in pairs. It was time to start searching for a new addition.

Shopping for boots isn’t as easy as shopping for pumps and sandals. The height of the boot can be tricky, especially for my more petite friends, and the width of the opening can prove to be too wide or too narrow. My first ever purchase of winter boots was a pair of Corso Comos during my first ever winter in New York City. Accustomed to wearing sandals, it took a while for me to break them in, but now almost 5 years later they are still my go to.

I’m thinking about another pair. What do you think of the zipper on these? What boots are your cold weather go to?


  1. I love the zipper! I think it adds such a fun detail to what can otherwise be a very plain boot.

  2. You should totally get these again if 1. your current pair are unwearable, and 2. if you tend to always wear them. I got a pair of really cute boots a while back, and after I wore the soles out on them, they were no longer in the store. :\ So, hold on to something good while you can! :)


    1. I always fall in love with something and then regret not buying two. :) The boots might have to be added to my collection...


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