Thursday, November 29, 2012

Exploring Wine: a wine club

It might seem like I've taken a bit of a wine writing hiatus on the blog recently. But this is because I have been very busy consuming it. While in Napa Valley over the summer, my girlfriend Katie and I decided to join our first wine club. We signed up to be members of Hess Collection's Wine Club where we receive four shipments a year of their most delicious (and exclusive) wines. People who live near the winery also enjoy free tastings and visits with friends to the winery as well as special events. Each shipment is around $100 and includes 3 bottles with tasting, growing conditions, and other notes important to oenophiles.  This means each bottle is in the $30-40 price range, which is a little higher than the $20 limit I set for myself for this wine series. However, I’ve enjoyed each of the wines so far, much more than the crapshoot of buying randoms at the grocery store. I haven't even gone shopping for wine since September!

I found the notes to be very helpful in learning more about the wine growing process and how that affects what I'm tasting. Also, the descriptions are pretty accurate (and not over-selling the wine), making it difficult to add anything to my tasting notes besides, "Oh man, that was f*&^ing delicious." I should also note that in order to fit this membership into my budget, I quit the gym. A lady needs to have priorities.

After receiving our first shipment Katie and I exchanged text messages on a Friday night to discuss our thoughts. It went something like this:

J: Opening the Malbec tonight

K: That one is so good!

J: It takes exactly like the description! Seriously in my top 20 wines of the last few years

K: Are you pairing it with Papa Johns? ;)

J: Actually, I am. Haha


J: I forgot you did too, last week! I’m dying over here.

K: sooo good

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