Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wardrobe: What I Wore to NYFW

Here's what I wore to NYFW. You may have already had a glimpse through Instagram. Not as lady-like as I imagined for my first time; I was quite possibly the only one wearing Patagonia! I was, however, very warm and comfortable all day long. Some women had their legs exposed and no sweaters. What were they thinking?! I wanted to wear something I could stand outside in for hours so I could capture the excitement without freezing to death. I also packed my bags and ran out the door in less than an hour, so considering that I'm pretty happy with this look.

As a high heel enthusiast, I was disappointed I couldn't wear them but there was a blizzard after all! I've had those combat boots since high school and it was fun to give them new life. 

For a shot of me in full photographer action, check out Cheralee's recap over on her blog, Miss Lyle Style

Coat: Patagonia, scarf: DeNada Design, sweater: Gman's, denim: Joe's Jeans, bag: Madewell (similar), boots: army/navy surplus store, Lipstick: my new fav shade from NARS


  1. Cute outfit! And good for you for wearing something cute AND functional. Those pictures of women wearing their heels through the snow during fashion week are ridiculous!


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