Thursday, July 21, 2011


via Crush Cul de Sac

How lovely is this stationary with map envelope liners? It would be fun to bring these on a trip and write home to your loved ones using local stamps. I wish I knew where to buy these but they look easy enough to make on your own too.

I've always valued the fading art of letter writing. It's fun to write postcards to friends while on vacation. Thank you notes are a must. And when I was in grade school I would write notebooks ("passbooks") of notes with my girlfriends.

Each week Gman's grandmother writes us a postcard. Writing a note is a quick, thoughtful way to remind us that she is thinking about us. It's more personal to hold the piece of paper, with her handwriting on it, in my hand than to read a brief email. Email (Facebook, twitter...) is a considerably faster way to communicate, but perhaps we should not always be in such a rush. Not all communication is urgent. Plus who doesn't like to get a letter in the mail once in a while?

When my grandparents were dating my grandfather would write love letters to my grandmother even though they were only living on opposite sides of Atlanta. After a short period of dating, he finally asked her to marry him one night when they were out with their friends. They were riding in the back seat of their friend's car and he whispered to her. It was the last story he told me and I'm always surprised he didn't share it before. Perhaps it was only the beginning of a lifetime of romantic moments with his beloved. I'll always treasure it...

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