Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap: the weekend of dinner parties

One of the main incentives for me to go along with the plan to move from NYC to Washington DC was to be able to entertain at home. Culturally and spatially it is not common practice in NYC to have friends over for dinner, drinks, or just to hangout. It is more practical to meet out at a restaurant, bar, or park. If one did want to entertain in the shoebox sized apartments then dinner was certainly out of the question. It's standing room only when you have just enough room for two chairs.
Now in DC we are able to fit at least four comfortably inside and we have the beloved garden. So this weekend we finally enjoyed the space with our friends.
Friday night we had one of our favorite couples over. I whipped up a DELISH Mexican themed dinner from scratch which included: chorizo from the farmer's market, my version of refried beans, one of my best friend's version of roasted potatoes, rice, and of course guacamole, chips, and margaritas. The night was filled with catching up and titillating art historical conversation. We wrapped it up with fudgy brownies. HEAVEN.
Then Sunday night we grilled out with our neighbors with whom we share the garden. Chicken, shrimp, cabbage and cucumber salad, tomatoes and mozzarella, deviled eggs, and cherry pie were had (thank you Bobby Flay for sharing your grilling abilities in easy to follow steps). It was lovely to spend time together and enjoy more stimulating conversation. What a treat to have built in friends!
Now that I have oiled my rusty hosting skills, I cannot wait to have friends and family over more often. Do you like hosting and cooking? Or do you prefer to meet people out?
(Sorry no photos of our food! I was so caught up in the moment. :)

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