Thursday, September 15, 2011

Review: Rub with Love, Shack; Seattle WA

With flavors of smoked paprika, cumin, and brown sugar your mouth can't help but water when encountering this tasty roasted, pulled pork sandwich. After a morning of plane travel, taxi travel, and touring Pike's Place we were in dire need of a fulfilling meal. The weather was perfect so we wanted to take advantage of it and sit outside. As we strolled along Western Ave scoping out the restaurant scene we were taken by the picnic tables out front and wafting smell of BBQ coming out the front door of Rub with Love, Shack. The only word in my mind was, YESSS. So we grabbed some sandwiches and beers and sat in the relaxing sun for our first meal in Seattle. It was in this moment we decided to eat our way through the city...

*A note about Rub with Love, Shack: It is owned by the award winning chef Tom Douglas who has revitalized the Seattle foodie scene. He reinvents foods from all over the world by using locally grown, seasonal resources: global with a Seattle twist.

We also hit up Serious Pie. Every local will tell you "It's worth the wait and you will wait." We did wait and our mouths salivated with anticipation. Luckily Douglas also owns Dalia Lounge which is conveniently located next door and will happily serve you cocktails and starters while you wait for a table.

Learn more about his restaurants here.

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