Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lucky Magazine Lifestyle Contributor Contest

My dear readers, 

Thanks to your support, I have made it to the next round in the Lucky Magazine Lifestyle Contributor contest! This challenge was the most difficult so far. They asked us to compare the similarities and difference in personality, style, shopping and beauty choices with someone we have known our whole life. I immediately thought about my sister. 

I'm a live in the moment type of person and looking through all the old pictures became overwhelming to me. To see all the people that have come and gone in our lives was touching and sometimes painful. It was a great challenge for me to sift through our 25 year relationship and focus on what the Lucky Reader might take away from our styling experiences. I encourage you to read my entry (here) and then consider your style and that of your loved ones. If you like what I shared please vote to show your support (you can vote more than once too!) and show it to others as well.*If the pictures do not show up right away, refresh the page.

{In case you are just tuning in, you may read my previous entries here and here.}

And just for you, here is a little treat I didn't share in the Lucky Mag entry. This picture exemplifies my relationship with my sister: she wants to do something active, and I want to style her. 

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