Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tips to Travel By: My Favorite Weekend Bags

I'm traveling again this weekend! This time to Denver, CO for some last chance skiing. Just like most of you, I have a very limited number of vacation days with my job. That's why I try to squeeze in a lot of my get-a-ways on the weekend. Many times my only impression of a destination has to come together in just 36 hours. So I am constantly on the hunt for a fabulous weekend bag that I can easily tote along. I love the size of weekenders too because it's easy to bring as a single carry-on or throw the backseat of the car.

These are the weekenders I'm currently lusting over. I've been wanting that Longchamp Veau Foulonne Suitcase for about five years!


  1. These are all gorgeous! Have a great time in Denver! Where are you skiing? My family goes to Aspen and I just love it out there. Though I'm not so happy with Denver right now for abandoning Tebow :(

  2. Love these! The Alternative Vagabound one is amazing, I'm lusting after that one right now.

  3. That Longchamp bag is gorgeous! So classic!

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