Friday, March 23, 2012

The Cherry Blossoms

The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom! I went to the Tidal Basin for lunch every day this week. The soft pink petals fluttered through the air and littered the ground. It looked like pink snow. There were swarms of people from seemingly every corner of the globe relaxing underneath the pillowy blooms.

I took these photos with my instant fujifilm camera. I was dissapointed at first at how washed out they were, but as I look at them, they grow on me. The color has the soft feeling of the flower petals.

Last year I wrote about a previous visit to see the blossoms, check it out if you'd like. And here's what I suggested to wear, although this year it's certainly warm enough to wear a sundress...

And here's a link to all the going's on for the Centennial Festival. Wow, 100 years of these beautiful trees!

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