Monday, April 2, 2012

Week(end) Recap: playing catch up

Hello my dear readers! As you may have noticed, I took last week off. I was feeling overwhelmed and behind in almost every area of my life, so much catching up and relaxing was needed. Not to mention ze allergies are the worst in years. le sigh. But I am planning many things to share with you soon!

Gman and I had a lovely weekend hosting some friends from NYC and having brunch with others whom we haven't seen in a while. It re-energizes me to have a good night's rest and to spend the weekend with such wonderful friends. What re-energizes you?

Saturday we went to see the Colorful Realm: Japanese Bird-and-Flower Paintings by Itō Jakuchū (1716–1800) exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. It was absolutely lovely, I'll give you a full review tomorrow.

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