Thursday, April 12, 2012

Exploring Wine: Merlot

Toasted Head, Merlot, $15 (approx. I did not purchase it)
My rating for this bottle? I would drink a few glasses

I can't believe I haven't reviewed a Merlot on here yet! Well, today's the day. We drank this Toasted Head Merlot as an alternative to all the locally brewed beers we explored. It is my mother's go-to for parties and buying in bulk.

The color is a deep, dark, almost purple-red, like a ruby or garnet. I couldn't smell it too well due to allergies and altitude sickness (more on how to deal with that next week) and so the taste was also muted. However, I did notice soft cherries with a little tiny hint of spice and either chocolate or vanilla - something dessert-like without being sweet to balance the spicy. It was all really subtle and smooth and easy to drink without being completely un-interesting.

We drank this with all of our meals but I thought it went surprisingly well with good ol' fashioned pizza. There you go, a wine to drink with pizza. Now, we just need to find the perfect partner for Oreos...


  1. Try a liqueur with Oreos - maybe Baileys?

  2. That's a good idea. I was thinking about either a dry champagne or going to the liqueur route as you suggest. Maybe a mocha martini with Oreos on the side?!


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