Friday, April 6, 2012

Shoe Love: Classic Black Pumps

I'm a firm believer in the basics. Black pumps are a closet essential that give you something to wear for work, play, vacation, and everything in between.

I had this one pair of black leather pumps for five years. I just kept bringing them to the cobbler to get fixed, until finally, they were too worn to go on. And that's just when they are perfectly comfortable too!

So I had to start searching for a new pair of black pumps. It was more daunting than I thought. Shoe makers don't just make one style anymore. Your heart's desire is likely attainable. I went through at least five or six purchases from online and in stores - then I saw these Pour La Victoire pumps and I changed my strategy. What if having one pair of black pumps to do it all was a lofty goal? What if it is better to have two or three pairs that I can wear for different occasions? Yes, that would be more reasonable.

Throughout my search, I kept my eye on these lovelies. I finally pulled the trigger in January which is when I do most of my online shopping damage (my birthday month, if you recall). I love the texture, the angle of the heel, and the shape of the front.

They are four inches tall though, so we are still learning to get along. To break them in, I wear them with Christmas socks around the house while doing chores. Gman said I should have taken pictures of that for the blog...

PS - you can get this pump in almost every color and texture here.


  1. I love, love, looove heels but I am so clumsy in them! I'm pretty sure I would have to hang on to Adam for dear life if I walked in 4inch ones. Beautiful shoes, though. Great find!

  2. haha. It can be difficult if the shoes aren't steady. My ideal height is anywhere between 2.5 and 3.5 inches. However, having a pair of 4 in heels is saucy and fun! ;)

  3. Those are some beauts! Love PLV.


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