Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Recap: Spring celebrations

So how was your holiday weekend? Do you celebrate Easter or Passover? We celebrated Easter with a lovely brunch with our neighbors. Spring was definitely in the air and Gman and I spent a lot of time in the garden. We bought a bottle of wine Saturday and slowly sipped it as the afternoon sun crossed the sky and the pollen floated through the air. It looks like the memory of Cherry Blossoms is long gone and everyone in Dupont Circle has moved on to Tulips. They are Gman's favorite flower so I bought some, along with the most beautiful Ranuculus. I loved them so much that I carried them around with me all weekend. Vase in one hand, glass of wine in the other.

I also got my haircut on Friday, you like? I got almost 4 inches cut off! It feels so short and sassy.


  1. Beautiful flowers aside, those shoes are fantastic jamie! Talk about shoe love!

  2. Your hair looks great! And love all the tulips, just wish my allergies would allow me to enjoy them :)

  3. Thanks Kristin! They are probably my favorite pair :) Also, I didn't know you had a blog too! I'll be reading about your adventures from now on.

    And thank you Kellie! My allergies are terrible too and it almost killed me to sit in the garden for so many hours. But it's so pretty out! I can't resist.

  4. I love your shoes!!! Your hair looks great too!

    Still want to do that happy hour sometime?

  5. Loving those shoes....faaabulous!

  6. I'm now picturing you walking around with wine in one hand and tulips in the other! Adorable! :)


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