Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wardrobe: Clearwater Beach, FL

Boyfriend shirt, jean shorts, panama hat, earrings, tote, bikini (bottom, top), flip flops, ring

These days, most people I know do not have the luxury of living in a community with a pool, let alone near the beach. The beach is a special place many of us go to vacation. Instead of buying specific bathing suit cover ups for your next beach get-a-way, bring versatile pieces, like a cotton button up and tote bag, that you can wear on other days of your trip too. I love wearing a button up to the beach (it feels cozier than a t-shirt) and I like to wear it open to show off my fab swimsuit beneath!

For Clearwater Beach, keep the jewelry simple with colorful stud earrings and a tiny ring. And because its a casual, slightly tacky environment, don't leave home without your jean shorts and flip flops. That was pretty much my wardrobe growing up (except I wore Birkenstocks everyday!)

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