Thursday, July 19, 2012

Exploring Wine: Blue Crab Blanc

Blue Crab Blanc, white table wine, Virginia, $12.99
My rating for this bottle? I would drink a few glasses.

When I was hosting friends a few weeks ago, we had a very long day of touring the National Archives, lunch of fresh tarts, sandwiches and treats at Paul, then hours of antique shopping in Old Town Alexandria. It was 100 degrees out and at the end of the day we were happy but exhausted. On our way back to the metro this gourmet shop, Butcher's Block, caught our attention. We stepped in to check it out and were delighted with the selection of rare jams, fresh meats, cheese, and more treats. The best part about this place is that you can choose a bottle of wine and they will open it right there so you can enjoy immediately. I felt like it was our own secret little happy hour spot.

This wine we chose was just a simple white table wine from Virginia. It had a soft, fresh, bouquet and tasted like stone fruits-pears, apples, and peaches- and had a slightly spicy finish. It was perfect for such a hot day!

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  1. Hi Jamie - nice to meet you! Saw your feature on Meg's blog. Cant wait to follow a fellow DC'er around - need some tips :)


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