Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Recap: The Guest House

Over the last two weeks I have entertained out-of-town guests. First, two of my best friends from college, one had never been to DC, and then my parents and aunt were in town for a week. I now consider myself a professional tour guide although I've also sworn off going to see the Lincoln Memorial for the rest of the summer.

I love hosting friends and family and sharing my world with them. However, I find it very difficult to balance any personal time while visitors are in town. Usually our guests stay with us in our tiny basement apartment, so we are together night and day. Those moments drinking wine on the couch while playing games are always the best but I'm the type that needs some quiet time in order to refresh myself. After the visit, I'm always left drained and my routine out of whack.

So I'd love to know- How do you handle the balance between hosting visitors and downtime? Do you consider their visit your vacation too?  Or is it appropriate to not take the day off work and hand them a map?


  1. Hi sweet girl!! In NY, I always scheduled a spa day!! and then you can get some much needed quiet, rest, and rejuvenation at the same time they do!! just in different rooms :) hahaha. In TX, we've had a few visitors but we always give them a car and let them go explore on thier own during the day, and meet up with us in the evenings. :) Hope you're well!! xx

    1. A spa day!? Now you're talkin'! I love that idea. I hope all's well in TX.

  2. I understand how you feel! I need my downtime. Visitors usually only come on the weekends, so I don't take time off work but I try to make sure I have a few hours on Sunday evening to recharge.


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