Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I break for cupcakes

After a long week of apartment hunting my mom (who is an apartment hunting tiger/genius/guru and taught me everything I know) we decided a little diversion was in order. There were rumors of great antique shops in Old Town Alexandria so we headed that way to check them out.

We didn't have much time, as it was already 3:30pm and we had happy hour plans at 5pm, but we managed to squeeze in a few shops and stopped by Alexandria Cupcake for a little afternoon/ good-job-for-finding-an-apartment treat. One must reward oneself.

The shop was in a charming Victorian building and beautifully refurbished. The selection of cupcakes was well edited and elegantly displayed. They had the classics, vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream frosting, chocolate, red velvet, and then crazy stuff like peanut butter and jelly. It was a tough choice but I decided on yellow cake (vanilla flavor) with chocolate butter cream frosting.

The cake is my favorite part so I am the most critical of it. Here the cake was moist and dense, just like the cake my Georgian great grandfather, Pop, as we called him, used to make on special occasions. My it is nice to be in the South again!  I savored every morsel. The icing was light, creamy, and rich chocolately without being over done.

If comparing, I would say it was better than Magnolia Bakery in NYC. Every time I went to Magnolia the cake was slightly stale and the icing too sugary and gritty. Oh and another great thing about Alexandria Cupcake, no long line!

When you are in Old Town I would definitely take a detour and grab a treat. Heck, why don't you make it your destination.

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