Monday, May 9, 2011

Pizza, red wine, burlesque, nature, and... more food

It's Monday again, let's take some time to bask in our memories of the weekend, shall we?

As you already know it was G-man and my wedding anniversary! As you may also know, the traditional one year wedding anniversary gift is paper. We (I) already have an abundance of stationary and pens, so we decided to get creative. G-man is quite the outdoors man. He's a thrill seeker who used to jump out of airplanes for fun. He's a badass who can survive in nature with a pocket knife and a compass. I, on the other hand, like shopping and walking in cities. I like perusing pastry shops and looking at paintings and architecture. So we take turns and end up experiencing many new things. Although I will not jump out of an airplane.

This weekend we ate amazing food, starting with a homemade pizza, and drank too much wine! Friday night we went to see Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey, one of our favorite burlesque duos (his gift to me, the paper tickets).

Then on Saturday, it was nice to relax together as we hiked through Harper's Ferry (The gift was trees, get it!? Paper is made from trees...) and had a leisurely picnic lunch while overlooking the historic town and surrounding mountains. The air was clean and crisp and the sun warmed our skin. Then G-man taught me to climb rocks!


Driving through the country was so romantic too. Looking out the window at the rolling pastures, farm houses, and tiny towns, I felt like I was in The Great Gatsby taking a Sunday drive.

Do you ever have moments like that?

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