Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Crif Dogs, NYC

Crif Dogs on St Marks Street is a drunken late night staple for many a New Yorker. The place has the perfect tiny, dive-y, this-has-been-here-forever vibe that you can only find in NYC. Not to mention the selection of dogs is incredible. Do you like 'em plain? Do you want cream cheese, chives, hot sauce and everything bagel sprinkles? What about avocado and mayo with a dog wrapped in bacon? Do you like tots and root beer too? It can all be yours here. They even have veggie dogs for your veggie friends. There is no excuse not to stumble into this place.

There is also something secretive, special, and important about Crif Dogs. It is the gateway to PDT or Please Don't Tell. PDT is a speakeasy which is hidden inside of Crif Dogs. The only way into it is with a reservation {good luck} and through a phone booth. I'm glad we had some drinks here before Tony Bourdain announced it to the world on The Layover because it was insanely packed last weekend. If you can get a reservation then it's worth checking out. The atmosphere is exclusive, old fashioned, and totally sexy. I tried the bacon flavored whiskey last time we went. It was delicious, as I like to say, "bacon makes it better." Just be careful how much you drink - it's about $20 a pop and adds up fast.

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