Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weekend Recap and Destination: I went to NYC again...

Weekend recap, better late than never!

This weekend was the first time Gman and I went back to NYC together since the big move last spring. As soon as we stepped foot on the streets of the city, we felt like we never left. Saturday, we ate brunch with friends at CookShop. On the cab ride over I got teary eyed at the sight of the people walking in the streets. Yes the streets filled with detritus and the bum peeing on a building while a middle aged couple walked their dog after grabbing bagels and a young woman was clearly in her dress from the night before. As we arrived at the restaurant it was so cold that the garbage in the gutters was frozen in place. We got to the restaurant a few minutes before it opened and I smiled to myself because everyone waiting with us, young couples, group of women, and large family with children, were all wearing black head to toe - coats, tights, pants, shoes, hats, handbags - all black.

After a productive brunch, we walked the Highline and browsed some art galleries in Chelsea {reviews to come}. We stopped in a bar or two before checking out the recently opened Maje, which, if you remember, I promised I would pay a visit. I tried on many goodies but refrained from taking them home, sadly.

Saturday night one of my best friends, Courtney, hosted my birthday party at her apartment. Gman and I were welcomed back with open arms by our friends and immediately caught up on the gossip and goings-on in their lives. It had been so long since we saw everyone, but at the same time the party felt casual, as if something we always did, a normal Saturday night.

I was glad she hosted a party for me for a number of reasons; mostly because it was a more intimate way to spend time with everyone (vs a loud bar) and because it was so freezing cold outside! We could stay in one place all evening and didn't have to shlep our layers of clothes from bar to bar. Although she did insist we have a drink on the roof, which was fun for all of five seconds before my legs and face began to freeze...

Sunday consisted of more brunch, shopping at Eataly and Club Monaco, then wine happy hour and Crif Dogs for a quick dinner. Every moment this weekend played out as perfectly as I imagined. How rarely does that work out?


  1. Though I live in the Netherlands,I've been to New York many times, and ,like you: I LOVE NEW YORK!!!! Like your blog too, btw....xoxo, Jet.

  2. That sounds like such a lovely trip! I still have never been to NYC. And also: I've never had a latte with a pretty design in it...I want one!

  3. Jet, NYC is so fab! I've always wanted to go the Netherlands. It's on my list! Thanks for reading my blog, I'll keep it up for ya. :)

    Katie, you gotta have a latte with a pretty design. It makes it sweeter without having to add sugar. ha


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