Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Recap: Alice Waters at the National Portrait Gallery

This was amazing and literally melted in my mouth. I'm drooling again as I look at this picture...

Alice Waters with her portrait, photographed by Dave Woody

The highlight of my weekend was Friday night at the National Portrait Gallery. They hosted an event honoring Alice Waters as her portrait was added to the collection. She is important to me not for her philosophy in seasonal, sustainable living {which is good too} but because she taught me to cook with her cookbook, The Art of Simple Food. It is my food bible. What a treat to see her and to sample the delicacies of the best D.C. chefs, like Todd Gray and José Andrés, and mixologist Adam Bernbach.

It was difficult not to indulge myself and I was even talked into trying oysters! I am a seafood hater, so this was huge. I didn't gag but I can't say I will eat another one. Here's how it went down, if you don't believe me {mom, Gman} ...

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  1. Looks like a fantastic night! And you are right...I would not have believed it if I didnt see the pictures!


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