Thursday, November 10, 2011

Packing Phase One: Wardrobe

So this week I have been distracted from my normal posting by so many things. It's not lack of thoughts this time, but in addition to actually being busy in the office, the drama at Penn State, and I'm going on a trip this weekend. Have you been able to guess where I'm going? I gave you a few hints via twitter, I packed some cotton dresses, my string bikini, and my sunglasses. One of my dear friends decided to get married on a 3 day cruise and I'm going to the Bahamas people! I wasn't too excited about the idea at first, but now I can barely contain myself.

So, in a number of posts, I thought I would share with you some of my strategies for packing and preparing. I must admit my strategy is based on countless trips where I packed the wrong thing, too much, or too little. Gman also has a horrible habit of trying to surprise me and I pack for a completely different trip and switch gears at the last minute.

I start preparing for every trip by asking three questions: Where are you going? What is the weather? and What is the vibe? Once this is established the appropriate wardrobe can be chosen. Now you might think I'm vapid for dwelling so much on wardrobe but then why are you reading this? but it is important to consider what you are packing so you can focus on exploring once you arrive on vacation. For example, you don't want to pack shorts if it will be 40 degrees nor do you want to pack your favorite suede shoes if it's going to be rainy. Likewise, destinations can be conservative or liberal, dressed up or casual. Going somewhere new gives you an excuse to try different styles or wear your off season wardrobe.

Once I establish the general criteria for my wardrobe and for how many days I will need it, I make a checklist and start pulling from my closet. This is when I usually have a breakdown and tell Gman I have nothing to wear and why do I even try. I then browse the internet, get desperate, and return to my closet. I usually find a few pieces that will work and can the determine if something else is needed.

This time I bought new sunglasses to go with my favorite black string bikini, but when I went to look for said bikini it was MIA. It is still missing {dear sister, if you have it, just bring it with you when you visit and sneak it back into my closet, I won't be mad}. Luckily I thought ahead of time and was able to go on a shopping spree on A new silk Caftan rounded out my ensemble for the actual wedding.

If I can, a few weeks before the trip I lay everything out on my bed to make sure outfits work together and all accessories, shoes, socks, etc. are in order. Planning alleviates a lot of stress when I'm on vacation because I will focus on spending my valuable time off checking out a new city, or in this case, beach. I take pictures to remind myself of what I accomplished and then procrastinate actually packing it all in the suitcase until the night before at about midnight.

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  1. Oooh yay for cruises! And weddings! I hope you have fun. I love that bikini mix and match you did - I love VS bikinis...and I always end up buying mixed ones that aren't supposed to go together originally...haha!


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