Thursday, November 10, 2011

Packing Phase Two: Emergencies

In my day to day life I barely go into our medicine cabinet. I don't usually have a blister or a stomach ache, or a hang nail. But for some reason whenever I go on vacation I get bothered in every way possible. I'll get sick from some questionable meal or break a nail. Does that happen to you? So for each trip I try to determine what might go wrong and create an individualized baby emergency kit. It is by no means comprehensive, but supplements my make-up bag. For this trip here is what I compiled:

- Gas Ex to combat possible bloating from too much wedding cake
- Tan Towels in case I get an uneven tan (if you are opposed to a tanning bed or spray tans but are still looking to get rid of that winter-y paleness, these are amazing!)
- Tylonol for that inevitable hangover after the wedding festivities
- nail file and nail polish for touch ups
- throat lozenger in case of dry air on the plane or cruise cabin
- anti-histamines in case of mild allergic reaction
- band aids for those pesky blisters
- and last but not least, last minute teeth whitening!

Gman always includes Pepto Bismol tablets and nail clippers in his emergency kit. I always appreciate it!

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